Vaanster is an independent investor in collective sustainable projects and is actively led since its inception by its founder and General Director Jeroen Krebbers. The company has a 100% focus on venture invest and managing renewable energy power plants and techniques in the built environment. We deliver sustainable heat and cold to homes, shops and offices.

Vaanster believes in the need for renewable energy, for present and future generations.

Developing renewable energy projects, we cannot do alone. With 20 projects in development we also grow excitedly further next year. We do this together with our clients, partners and customers. This shared responsibility is reflected in our slogan: Y (our) environmental responsibility

Y(our) environmental responsibility

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How it works?

We share renewable energy.

Powerpeers is the first marketplace for sharing renewable, self-generated energy. Together we want to make the Netherlands more sustainable. You choose from which generators you want to receive renewable energy. And if you have solar panels, you can choose to share your self-generated energy with others.

Every day you can see in your energy dashboard exactly how much energy you use.

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Kenter makes energy work

For more than 25,000 business relationships throughout the Netherlands, just like you always want to be insured for energy. We do that with reliable energy facilities and smart and innovative measurement solutions.

We have all the knowledge and expertise at home to advise you on contemporary energy management, which enables you to take cost-effective and sustainable business as you please.

Kenter makes it easy for you and acts quickly and professionally. Thus we let energy work.

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