More insight into and control of energy consumption

Energy gobbles up a growing share of the household budget. In recent years, the cost of energy has only increased and that trend goes on over the coming years. It is therefore increasingly important to control energy costs.

Ponsfacio delivers a State-of-the-art prepaid energy solution to customers. By using a prepaid solution customers are entirely in control. Customers will continuously pay exactly the right amount for energy. No longer too little or too much and definitely no more unpleasant surprises at the annual invoice where instalments are being reconciled or consumption for a period of a year is being invoiced!

With Ponsfacio’s prepaid energy solution you can, by means of prepaid, use electricity and/or gas. You pay in advance an amount which you choose yourself and this amount is used to pay the energy you use. If the balance is almost negative, you will receive a message and have plenty of time to increase the credit by doing a new payment. Once this payment is done your credit is upgraded real time to the new credit.

Experience with previous prepaid energy business trials have shown that customers could achieve up to 25% on energy savings, which is good for the customer and good for the environment! Because all customers do the payments themselves (active), they also became more aware with energy consumption and saving energy. With the realization of their energy savings the credit can also last longer. This way the customer is immediately rewarded for their changed (energy consumption) behavior!

Energie Prepaid:

Good for your wallet and the environment!